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SEO Keyphrase Targeting with Microsites

Biuld the SEO optimization for your web site with microsites
Get the SEO marketing edge you need by targeting specific key phrases through microsites
for less then a penny a day!

Microsites cost $50/year. This includes up to 3 pages that are accessed from your targeted domain and an email forward.

How does it work?

If you want to really target a specific key phrase then a microsite may be the answer to your iDreams! A microsite is a small 1-3 page web site that runs from a separate domain name and is optimized to target a single keyphrase. Here is an example of how PawPrint.net is using microsites right now:

The main PawPrint web site is located at http://www.pawprint.net
We want to target they keyphrase "Sechelt Web Design" (our home town)
So, we register the domain http://www.secheltwebdesign.ca and set it up as a microsite.

The microsite actually just pulls content from http://www.pawprint.net/webdesign/sechelt.php but the search engines will find the microsite first because of it´s domain. It counts as a separate web site because it is not just a forward, it´s a whole separate site.

How is this different from domain forwarding?

When you forward a domain like mytarget.com to another location like example.com/target/ when you arrive at the page the address bar will display example.com/target/ The search engines actually see this too - and ignore the mytarget.com domain as a copy.

With a microsite mytarget.com is actually a real web site and background server-side magic allows it to read the content from example.com/target/ but to the search engines it looks like a separate site and they treat it accordingly. When your visitors arrive at a microsite page, the address bar of the browser retains the microsite domain name. See for yourself: is, itself, a microsite. Look here at some examples of 3d models like a 3d anatomy model or a 3d game models , or a 3d cell model .

Maintain Control - Maximize Effectiveness

PawPrint.net provides this simple and effective web marketing tool and you maintain complete control over your microsite content by allowing it to remain on your actual web site. If you use a content management system you can continue to use that system and still have the content appear as a different URL. If you have a static site - keep the files in your own server. All you need is to specify the content URL.

What if I need help writing the page content?

PawPrint.net has been building web sites since 1994 and will help you craft page content that is ideally suited to target the key phrase your microsite is based on (consulting fees apply)

If you want to learn more about how to write the content for your microsite check our our web design resources section that has great information in the ´Building Web Site Success´ primer e-book.

For more information on obtaining one or more microsites for your business, or more information about this or any other of our services please contact us.

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